27 January 2014

"Sense of Place" in the Vernacular.

In contrast to yesterday's post listing Google Scholar results for "sense of place" the items below, from a general Google search, are much less academic. Again, that's the point of Google Scholar. 

Most people use standard Google rather than its academic counterpart. As seen below, regular Google results speak to a much broader audience. Films, urban revitalization, literature, etc. The same term, "sense of place," has different meanings and associations when used in academic research vs. the plain language of everyday life.

Inside Llewyn Davis – film review
Financial Times - That is its charm; that and a sense of place and time that lends a poetic glow to wryly fugitive plotting. This delectable days-in-the-life – or ...

A Sense of Place: Tim Gruber | rearcurtain.com
rearcurtain.com (Sabrina Henry) - Rear Curtain recently sat down with Minneapolis photographers Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber to talk about their personal projects. This husband ...

Speakers to bring local perspectives to Queentown event
Voxy - Three speakers with unique Queenstown connections will be joining the programme for TEDxQueenstown: Sense of Place on 22 February 2014.

Study: Placemaking is in vogue for Michigan cities, lack of capital an ...
Michigan Business Review - MLive.com - Grandville sought to create a "sense of place" in its downtown business district by spending $5 million in 2012 on a remodeling of the Chicago Drive ...

Wide Angle Vision Part 2: Missing The Variables - Patheos
A Sense of Place (Sterling) - Home · Pagan Channel · A Sense of Place · A Sense of Place. Pagans .... Us on Twitter · Follow Us on RSS. Subscribe by email to A Sense of Place ...

A sense of where you are
Paul Dedell, the middle school director, quotes Wallace Stegner, who in his essay “The Sense of Place,” wrote: “a place is not a place until people ...

PG Wodehouse was an English prose master, says Susan Hill
It has everything – excitement, danger, sense of place and especially of London, corners of which were still little changed when I went up to King's ...
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The Residence by Cenizaro launches a new new series of ...
Each Enriching Moment represents The Residence by Cenizaro's philosophy - heartfelt hospitality with a sense of place and warm, attentive service ...

26 January 2014

Recent "sense of place" articles from Google Scholar

A much different collection of articles appears from a Google Scholar alert on "sense of place" compared to a regular Google search. But that's the point of Google Scholar, of course. 

These are academic articles published (mostly) in peer-reviewed journals rather than articles for the general public that might appear in newspapers, or other websites or blogs. Notice the highly specific topics in both article title and journal title. 

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Unraveling the Mystique of Terroir: Wine's Sense of Place

GV Jones - 2013
Abstract This lecture focuses on terroir, a French notion that encompasses the climate,
landscape, soil, and people that contribute to the growing of great grapes and the making of
fine wine. Unlike most other beverages, wine has a special quality of invoking positive ...

Voices of Change–Stories of Tourism Development in West Virginia

DW Arbogast, D Eades, M Power - 2014
... Discussions with local leaders explore indicators of community-based tourism including:
maintaining authenticity and sense of place, creating quality experiences for visitors and residents,
balancing the costs and benefits of tourism growth, diversifying their local economies ...

The Socio-Cultural Impact of Industry Restructuring: Fishing Identities in Northeast Scotland

R Williams - Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management, 2014
... studies (which have been limited to small coastal communities on the Altantic fringe); the need
for assessing the potential for co-management of marine resources; the need for an understanding
of the contribu- tion that fishing makes to local culture and sense of place for both ...

Women's Roles in Resistance Movements in Appalachia

EG Gillespie - 2014
... I plan to focus on personal context, sense of place in Appalachia, politics, cultural issues and
attitudes about women. Skip to main content ... I plan to focus on personal context, sense of place
in Appalachia, politics, cultural issues and attitudes about women. Start Date. ...

[PDF] Introduction: Conceptualizing the spatialities of social movements

W Nicholls, B Miller, J Beaumont - 2013
... and political process are played out (locations), social and organizational relations develop to
mediate micro responses to macro level processes (locale), and spatial imaginaries form to give
people a sense of meaning in their particular worlds (sense of place) (Agnew 1987: 28 ...

Crowdsourcing geographic knowledge: volunteered geographic information (VGI) in theory and practice

D Tulloch - International Journal of Geographical Information …, 2014
... ' “I don't come from anywhere”: Exploring the role of the GeoWeb and volunteered geographic
information in rediscovering a sense of place in a dispersed aboriginal community' presented
a balanced and considered look at the ways that this dispersed community employed ...

Being-towards the social: Mood and orientation to location-based social media, computational things and applications

L Evans - New Media & Society, 2014
... Place and mood: situatedness, making sense of place and the importance of place to
understanding the world. While accepting that Heidegger's ... or Besorge). This is critical to
understanding how Dasein makes sense of place. Dasein's making ...

Performance management of guided tours: matching organizational ends and means with participant expectations and experiences

P Demediuk, T Demediuk, R Solli - 2013
... bodies (participants and places) and are affected by other bodies. Whilst these tours
differ in their means, they are all designed to give the 'visitor' a sense of place and
purpose. But the way each tour is constructed both highlights ...

Wrapped up in covers: preschoolers' secrets and secret hiding places

K Corson, MJ Colwell, NJ Bell, E Trejos-Castillo - Early Child Development and Care, 2014

WITS JUNCTION–Student Housing and Heritage Adaptation

B Hart, K Munro - 2013
... requirements. Spatial quality, architectural responses to context, history and a sense
of place are often secondary considerations – nice to have but not essential. Show full
item record. Files in this item. Icon. Name: Hart,B and Munro, ... ...

“My School and Me”—Exploring the Intersections of Insideness and Interior Environments

A Strickland, T Hadjiyanni - Journal of Interior Design, 2013
Skip to Main Content. Wiley Online Library. Log in / Register. Log In E-Mail
Address Password Forgotten Password? Remember Me. ...

Emotional Ambivalence across Times and Spaces: Mapping Petrarch's Intersecting Worlds

P James - Exemplaria, 2014
... The problem here is that without a theory of why some people have such emotions the
explanation works backwards and the assumptions are teleological — that is, an emotional
response to an abstracted sense of place is explained by what comes after. ...

At the Intersection of Urban Sociology and Criminology: Fear Of Crime and the Postindustrial City

TA Benz - Sociology Compass, 2014
... in defense of the space through normative policing by the people – it is these people that Jacobs
is referring to when she refers to “eyes on the street.” Similarly, other scholars have found that
fear of crime largely depends on an individual's sense of place and community (Banks ...

Introduction: Social issues in sustainable fisheries management

J Urquhart, TG Acott, D Symes, M Zhao - Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries …, 2014
... Social issues in fisheries encompass a diversity of topics, including livelihoods , social
cohesion , social innovation , social renewal , cultural values, sense of place and identity ,
education, wellbeing , equality , equity , dependency and spiritual values. ...

Effects of tofacitinib on lymphocytes in rheumatoid arthritis: relation to efficacy and infectious adverse events

K Sonomoto, K Yamaoka, S Kubo, S Hirata, S Fukuyo… - Rheumatology, 2014
... Takada K,; Jameson SC. . Naive T cell homeostasis: from awareness of space
to a sense of place. Nat Rev Immunol 2009;9:823-32. ...

A critical cultural inquiry into insider issues in South Korean art education

KM Paek - British Journal of Sociology of Education, 2014
... The studies have exposed that 'art educators' sense of place within the educational field, their
level of job satisfaction, available options and the future they envision are greatly tempered and
circumscribed by their socio-educational status' (Hamblen [198521. ...

Heritage, Skills and Livelihood: Reconstruction and Regeneration in a Cornish Fishing Port

T Martindale - Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management, 2014
... Com- menting on Casey's (2002, p. 76) argument that to “know a region is also to be able to
remember it”—Matsuda (2004, p. 262) says this mnemonic sense of place “defies mere
'representation' because it is not about symbolism, but about finding presence in shifting temporal ...

(Local-) community for global challenges: carbon conversations, transition towns and governmental elisions

G Taylor Aiken - Local Environment, 2014
... A less individualistic approach might take into account the technologies, infrastructures,
sense of place, spirituality, memories and biographies, and other crucial more
phenomenological aspects of community, to name just a few. ...

[PDF] Exhausted Landscapes: Reframing the Rural in Recent Argentine and Brazilian Films

J Andermann - Cinema Journal, 2014
... Here, a kind of documentary window opens up inside the diegesis, with the narrator for once
falling silent and allowing a sense of place to emerge from sheer observation—as if, forced by
Paty's commanding screen presence, the film and its narrator could not but recognize, if ...

The Makiling Echo: The Multiple Functions of a Staff Magazine in the American Tropical Empire of the Twentieth Century

B Luyt - Library & Information History, 2014

04 January 2014

Happy New Year. Peace to the Placemakers

First, a hearty Thank You to everyone who's visited The Topophilian in 2013.

Second, best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and roundly prosperous 2014.

I would resolve to post to The Topophilian more regularly, like weekly or something, but that would be one more broken resolution broken to be sure. I am resolving to finish a Ph.D. and find a meaningful new job, however. I hope that's enough for one year.

There are many, many "place" happenings across the globe and across the street. From the global to the hyper-local. local people are working to create special places. These are the Placemakers.

It is a parent and child turning soil in a corner of the yard for an herb garden and reflecting pool. It is a few unelected community leaders working to develop safe public gathering spaces. It is renewal in the face of urban blight, community garden plots or a farmer's market in was once a vacant lot. Somewhere there is a group of neighbors are talking about how walking and biking and gathering with friends in the neighborhood was once a norm rather than an oddity. They are working to make it happen again.

People all over the world are working to create safe, resilient, meaningful places. My hope is that everyone reading this can join the placemakers among them and work to move their community along a trajectory of inclusion, safety, harmony with nature, and true community.

Happy New Year and Peace to the Placemakers.